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The last two months have been busy—I launched my workshop series, Write.Pause.Reflect, in October and have been planning and delivering workshops, connecting with friends and meeting new people who are interested in reflective writing.

Write.Pause.Reflect is for anyone who is interested in using writing as a tool for managing stress, situations that cause you to worry, thoughts that keep creeping up, or issues of concern. Expressive writing, pioneered by James Pennebaker Ph.D., uses writing as a way to improve health, including mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. In April I experienced and learned the techniques, and after my first day I knew this was a method I wanted to share with others.

What is it?

Reflective writing uses prompts and reflection on the prompts to move towards better health. In the workshops, we pause to examine the writing and our thoughts about it and consider its impact. This type of writing is different from a diary or most people’s ideas about journaling; it asks you to consider the possibility of reframing the stories we hold about our lives.

Do I have to consider myself a writer?

It is not designed solely for writers, and no, you do not have to share your work; the writing is personal.

Each workshop has been engaging and the feedback very positive. Participants are thoughtful, willing to do the writing, and respectful of each other. I continue to learn more about this process and look forward to conducting more of these workshops in 2020. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or you can comment below.

~ Ramona

2 thoughts on “Workshop News! Write.Pause.Reflect

  1. Yolanda Payne says:

    I remember you sharing this with me sometime ago. I’m very interested in attending your next workshop. No matter if it’s here in Cincy or South Bend ( IT WILL BE WORTH THE TRAVEL).
    Shortly after my Mom told the family the cancer returned is when I started a journal. But when she passed I stopped! Not sure why! And I just asked myself, why did you stop? It was really helping you destress. But then I remembered, you stopped because you didn’t want to write how losing your mother, your best friend felt on paper. You were trying to be strong for your son, father and sister. They were my journal. I thought I would not have been able to be an effective support to them emotionally.
    Yes, I’m still grieving, missing and thinking about my Mom every single day after 16 years. Now it’s time for me to write again to take care of ME!

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    • Ramona M. Payne says:

      Sometimes when loss or trauma is too new it might not be the best time to write about it, or if you do, only for very brief periods. So you probably intuitively did what was best for you at that time. I hope you’ll continue to explore self-care.


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