RPaynewritersept2016My focus has been creative nonfiction, particularly the essay form, but I also write fiction. It took some time to get here—my shift to writing happened after years in corporate and nonprofit positions—but I am glad that I can do what I love. 

I completed the Creative Writing program at The University of Chicago Graham School, where I met many other wonderful writers, and I attend and participate in writing workshops and conferences. But mainly I write, as much and as well as I can. I also graduated from the University of Notre Dame and have an MBA from Duke University.

In addition to writing, I speak to groups and in workshops, as a presenter and panelist. Anything that gets me out, meeting new people and talking, I usually enjoy. Pilates works out the kinks, and walking or yard work give me time to revise in my mind before I head back to my desk.

I spend my time between South Bend, Indiana and Cincinnati, Ohio, with frequent trips to Arlington, Virginia. And like most writers, I read broadly and often. Thank you for visiting my site.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Kristine Adams says:

    Well, hi, Ramona! Hope to meet you–later this week! I’m also originally a South Bender, though I’ve sampled lots of places. Enjoyed your piece in Stories from the Attic. Best to you – KDA


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