Workshops – Write.Pause.Reflect


Write.pause.reflect is a writing process that uses writing prompts as a method to move towards better health—emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental. Like an essayist, the workshop participant will do more than write down their thoughts, issues, or concerns. You will also use reflection, going deeper to see what the ideas in the writing might mean, how they came about, and if they are the beliefs you want to hold onto.



The process is to write it down, pause to give it some thought, and then reflect on the writing itself and what it tells you. The writing is personal and does not have to be shared with others in the group.

Why can writing help?

Write.pause.reflectis a simple, yet effective tool for reframing issues of concern. There is also research to support the effectiveness of expressive writing, and it can be used with many types of people. We will focus on what the words reveal about beliefs and how reflection on the words can lead to insight and alternative ways of thinking.

For any questions on workshops, please contact me so I can answer your questions.