Ritual – Put the Keys in the Chrysler

Car Keys

My father has always purchased Chryslers. I remember the green Plymouth Fury III that he drove to my friend’s house one afternoon to pick me up; it was not our first car but I loved the surprise of him showing up in a new one. Later there was a light blue gray Chrysler that he drove on his carpool days when I was in high school. For a few weeks until he got it repaired, the horn used to randomly sound off if he turned the steering wheel a certain way. The intermittent honks and beeps could have been embarrassing but I ignored my friends’ quizzical looks and acted as if it was the nervous tic of a car overly stimulated by chatty teenage girls. Continue reading



I just finished Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison, and although I have read many of her other works, this was the first time that I read this book. When I was done, I felt like something in me had cracked open.

Her words are beautiful even when the lives described are not. But there was one section that insisted I read it again and again, and it captured something I know to be true. Continue reading

Inspiration Quote for June


It’s June and it finally feels like summer here in northern Indiana. Summer comes with a chance to relax and delight in being outdoors but I also like to use these three months between now and the end of August to focus on a few projects. I have decided on three – one for writing, one for fitness, and another for fun. Deciding on which projects to choose wasn’t hard; one idea I had been mulling over for months. But getting started, now that can be the hard thing.

Last month I used a quote about beginnings and now that it’s time to begin, I have to admit that I am a little tentative because I don’t have all the answers and I don’t exactly know how this will turn out, especially the writing project. Just in time, I found this quote. It nudges me along, encourages me to press on.

I hope it does the same for the artist in you.

“We often procrastinate on creative tasks that can bring us precariously close to the edge of rawness—that sense of not knowing what will issue forth next— words written on the page, the colors on the canvas, the movement and emotions that arise from losing ourselves in the music. We may not know what to do with the grandeur of being alive in this moment.”

– Arnie Kozak in his book Mindfulness A to Z:108 Insights for Awakening Now

Inspiration quote for May


I came across this quote while reading Julia Cameron’s latest book, It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again. In June I am starting a couple of projects that I’ve been dreaming about for a while. It’s time to get to work and I am excited. Any dreams that you have been holding inside? It is time to begin…

“It has been said that success can be boiled down to two simple rules: 1. Start something. 2. Keep going.”

-Julia Cameron

On Reading – Inspiration Quote for April


“What was the highest ambition of literature, the most one could hope for from the experience of reading? One possible answer, it turned out, had to do with a different approach to reading, one based not on a model of linearity, forward progress and accumulation, but on the idea that a reader should be stopped short, turned around, even undone by the text on the page before her.”

– Dana Stevens, from Bookends in The New York Times Book Review