Thanks for Waiting…


I took the month of August off from blogging and look forward to starting again next week. A little time away, with frequent walks and reflection, made for a fresh look at life and writing.

For those with family and friends in Texas and Louisiana, please know that many of us are trying to help in our own way. I am making a monetary gift to an organization that I believe can help faster than donating items. You are in my prayers.


Picture taken at Fernwood Botanical Garden

3 thoughts on “Thanks for Waiting…

  1. Nimbilasha Cushing says:

    Thank you Ramona, for the writing, the visual image and your donation for victims in Texas. I have family in Houston who had to leave their home but they are safe and that is what matters. May the blessings you have poured out for others be returned to you one hundred fold.


    • Ramona M. Payne says:

      I am still waiting to hear from one friend who lives there. I’m sure thatI will, there is a lot of work to be done and it will be awhile before things are more stable. So glad to hear your family is safe.


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