RPaynewritersept2016My focus has been creative nonfiction, particularly the essay form, but I also write fiction. It took some time to get here—my shift to writing happened after years in corporate and nonprofit positions—but I am glad that I can do what I love. 

I completed the Creative Writing program at The University of Chicago Graham School, where I met many wonderful writers, and I attend and participate in writing workshops and conferences. I graduated from the University of Notre Dame and have an MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

In addition to writing, I speak to groups and in workshops, as a presenter and panelist. Anything that gets me out, meeting new people and talking, I usually enjoy. Pilates works out the kinks, and walking or yard work give me time to revise in my mind before I head back to my desk.

I spend most of my time in Cincinnati, Ohio, with frequent trips to Arlington, Virginia and South Bend, Indiana. And like most writers, I read broadly and often. Thank you for visiting my site.


I have had work published online and in print, and here are two recent anthologies where you can find my essays.

Family stories from the attic cover

My essay, Without Words, appears in

Family Stories from the Attic,

edited by Christi Craig and Lisa Rivero.

FullSizeRender 5

The anthology, Black Domers,

was edited by Don Wycliff and David Krashna.


My writing starts with an experience, a question, sometimes an awakening, and I try to sort out why a particular story takes hold, what it means for me. And I hope that by writing it down I can figure that out and start a conversation with others.

I also write because there are few other practices that capture my attention like writing. Maybe talking, but writing forces me to sort it out alone, and then decide how much I want to share with the world.

I try to write six days a week. I know some say to write every day, but I need to a day off each week that is left unplanned, except for a few rituals that don’t change. A day spent on revision is still writing; but a day spent on research has to be more than jumping from web page to web page, amusing myself with other people’s business.

Mornings are when I am most focused, and I think my best work gets done before noon. I like to get up with the sun in the summer, later in the dark mornings of winter. But if I don’t get started in the morning, I write when I can, as long as I get words on the page.


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